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8 types of pet products you should start selling now



What we seek in our pets is not only love and companionship, but also a stable and ongoing relationship. A familiar face to greet us when we come home or wake up, and a constant to support us in other turbulent situations. This consistency extends to the shopping behavior of pet owners, making online and offline sales of pet supplies a stable market in all circumstances, even in these years of the COVID-19 epidemic.

While most other industries have experienced unpredictable turbulence this year, the pet market has continued to grow steadily. The U.S. Pet Market Outlook 2020-2021 even states outright that the pet industry stands out as famously recession-proof. But what exactly do pet owners need to buy for their pets? Trends in pet products are constantly changing, with different best sellers and hot searches every year. For pet stores and pet supply retailers who need to take advantage of this stability, this article by Petionship compiled from market reports and SEO data may inspire you.

1. Pet Dental Care Toys, Snacks and Cleaning Products

Perhaps all of this work-at-home, COVID-19 mandated quarantine time has given us extra attention to our pets' breath, which explains why the search for pet dental care continues to rise: toys and treats to clean teeth, not to mention dog toothbrushes.

One of the benefits of pet dental care toys and treats for dental health is that they improve on standard toys and treats. They do everything that regular toys and treats do, and more, making them more attractive to shoppers than regular toys and treats. They are perfect for upselling, and you can take the opportunity to communicate the importance of dental care for your pet to your customers.

2. Pet Beds

In recent years, pet beds, pet mats, and pet nests have been a trend, so much so that they have spawned a huge potential pet bed market. Pet beds are now more than just a "pillow on the floor" with interesting shapes and themes ranging from pop culture references to co-branded models with different brands, greatly increasing the options available to customers. These pet beds also tend to have higher profit margins for pet supply retailers.

More than any other pet product on this list, pet beds are best suited to meet the needs of a niche market. Health-conscious pet owners can buy orthopedic pet beds, fashionable pet owners can buy modern-style pet beds, and pet owners who like the main body of science fiction can buy Star Wars pet beds. The better you know your target customers, the better you can cater to their exact needs. Petionshp’s one-stop pet supplies wholesale platform offers a wide variety of cute and beautiful cat beds and dog beds, which we hope will also serve as a reference for you.

3. Multifunctional Bite Toys

Pet toys generally have a steady demand, but one of the newest types of pet toys is rapidly gaining popularity, and that is the multifunctional bite toy. These dog toys combine different types of bite toys into one. While they may look simple enough for humans, they will provide more entertainment options for dogs.

Multifunctional dog chew toys are easy to market: you can advertise them as a multi-price toy, or you can emphasize that dogs will prefer them to traditional dog toys. While the name is not yet well known and somewhat controversial (often referred to as "teething bite toys"), you can search using other popular keywords, such as "interactive pet toys" or "self-play dog toys." Petionship pet supplies wholesale platform has dog chew toys from brands such as ZippyPaws, LaRoo, Kashima, etc., which would be good sourcing options.

4. Hamster Cages

Interestingly, search results show that there is a growing interest in hamsters these days. Hamster supply has become a new hot category. Like pet beds, hamster cages can come in different styles to meet the needs of a niche market. However, before you invest heavily in obscure hamster cage accessories, it's safer to test the waters with more common and mainstream low-risk products.

5. Cat Litter Mats

Cat owners hate litter or even cat poops scattered outside the cat litter box, so why not use the same solution as the shoes we wear before entering the house - shoe mats?

Cat litter mats can be personalized to fit certain circumstances, both in terms of style (cute shapes, fun colors) and practicality (preventing leaks, better litter capture).

6. Customized Pet Collars

Pet collars are very popular. Customized products are just as popular. Through customization, pet owners feel a unique connection with their pets.

Pet collars, especially dog collars, are a "steady workhorse" of pet products, but you can achieve more by personalizing the collar yourself. Given the nature of the collar, it should display the pet's name and the owner's contact information. Customizing your dog and cat collar will add an additional source of income to your store.

7. Dog Harnesses

More and more dog owners are opting for dog harnesses when taking their dogs for walks. Dog harnesses distribute pressure effectively, making the dog more comfortable and the owner more in control of the dog's movements.

The beauty of a dog harness is that almost every dog will need one. Just like babies, dogs often need several different sized harnesses as they grow from puppy to adult.

8. Dog Car Seats

A long-time best seller on Amazon and major e-commerce platforms, dog car seats and covers are becoming a must-have pet item for owners who regularly take their dogs in the car. These seat covers are essentially protective fabrics, and targeted in with safety accessories or seat belts, easy to install and remove in the car, effective protecting dog's travel safety.

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