How should you choose the perfect location for your pet shop? pet-businesses

How should you choose the perfect location for your pet shop?



A great location for your pet shop is half-way to success!

The location of the pet store determines 50% of the success or failure of your pet business, so the location of the pet store is very important. The decision process of pet store location is also more complicated. This is due to the high switching cost of site selection. Once selected, it is always hard for change.

Generally speaking, if the location of the pet shop is ideal, even if the combination of business strategy is average, it is also easier to succeed. If the location of the pet store is not as good as expected, you will suffer from an irreparable disadvantage even if you are selling great products or offering exceptional pet services.

Key Factors to Choose the Location for Your Pet Shop

The selection of the location is the first priority when opening a pet shop, and is also a relatively troublesome and tricky process.

Detailed factors we need to consider

  1. The demographics of the area where the pet shop is located
  2. The number, breed and characteristics of pets
  3. The number of pet stores in the neighborhood
  4. The competition of the pet care industry
  5. The traffic of the store
  6. The cost of rental
  7. Relevant laws and regulations

For pet store locations, it is not recommended to choose these locations: off-ramps, overpasses, underpasses and sections separated by traffic barriers.

You also need to bear in mind that you should not choose a location where the competitors are too aggressive, and do not choose a place with poor public security. Furthermore, do not choose a store that is too small, and do not choose a store which has undergone multiple transfers.

General Principles to Select Your Pet Shop’s Ideal Location

For different models of pet shops, there are certain principles for site selection. Currently, pet stores are generally located in three types of areas.

1. Commercial areas 

These places have convenient transportation and high traffic flow, but the environment is too noisy and the rent price is higher. If you choose to open a pet shop in such an area, it is more suitable for the sale of pet supplies.

2. Residential communities 

There are usually lower rents and a relatively stable source of customers in residences or communities. In this case, pet shop owners or managers need to be more attentive and considerate in terms of customer service. The types of pet products should also be more diverse and the knowledge base of groomers or other staff need to be rich. When opening a pet store in such a place, it is necessary to define your unique selling points.

3. High-income communities

Rent in high-income communities  is higher than the standard ones, and there is less competition here. Customer base is relatively stable with higher disposable income. Pet product and service consumption is more rational for these groups of high-income pet owners, who always have better knowledge in raising pets. This requires pet shops there to do further investigation on the business model and market analysis, and choose the right pet food or pet supplies to sell.

Golden Rule

When locating your future pet shop, you can also use the Subway 300-meter golden rule. Within 300 meters of the entrance or exit of a subway station, there usually is a larger flow of people, so customers can quickly spot your pet shop.

In fact, no matter where you choose to open your pet business, you need to do thorough market research, understand the characteristics of the pet owner's demographics, investigate the number of pets in the neighborhood and the spending power of pooper scoopers, and study whether the pet store's location has an impact on surrounding businesses. With these factors as a reference, it will be easier to determine the location of your dream pet shop.


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