zeze Pine Tree Cat Toy and Accessory with Catnips


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zeze Pine Tree Cat Toy and Accessory with Catnips gives cats a unique little pine tree! This cat toy can also be hung in the backpack as a decoration. The trunk is made of high-quality corduroy, soft to the touch with delicate texture, making itself scratch and bite resistant. The cat toy contains catnips, effectively adjusting the mood of cats and kittens. It can be washed in the washing machine as well when you take out the catnip bag inside.

Product Specifications

Material: Plush, corduroy, polyester

Size: 10 cm x 3 cm x 12 cm

Weight: 0.05 kg


  1. Keep the product dry, and please do not put in the humid environment.
  2. Daily use vacuum cleaner to clean the surface hair, or wipe the surface stains with wet wipes.
  3. This product is a consumable product and should be replaced after a period of time.