Tinklylife Foodie Cat House and Scratcher


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Tinklylife modern cat scratcher is made with recycled corrugated cardboard that is a 100% nontoxic & sustainable product for your pet. Our cat scratchers are multipurpose products that can be used as cat scratchers, house & home décor. The pizza and doughnut styles will definitely appetize your feline friends!

  • [Cat Scratcher Lounge] It satisfies your cat's natural scratching instinct, ideal for claws well-maintenance, exercise, muscle conditioning and stress relief, will improve your cat's overall health and balance. And also help reduce scratching of furniture and carpets.
  • [Honeycomb sandwich] Higher density harden corrugated cardboard with insert double-side design. The high-density textures and reversible design make it more durable and can bear more weight. Good for multiple cats.
  • [Material] Made of non-toxic, 100% eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard.
  • [Guide] Sprinkle a generous amount of Catnip onto the scratcher will attract your cat to scratch, lay, rest, climb, rub, play, hide and more.

Please install it yourself according to the product instructions.

Product Specifications

Style: Pizza, Donut
Pizza 540 mm x 410 mm x 300 mm
Donut 530 mm x 340 mm x 300 mm
Weight: 4000 g
Materials: High-density corrugated paper