zeze Cat Teaser Toy Combo (Lunar New Year Edition)


Lunar New Year Collection

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zeze Lunar New Year Limited Cat Teaser Toy Combo satisfies all four of your cat's wishes at once! The retractable fishing rod shape, with the four changeable cat toys persimmon, peanut, red packet, and gold ingot, calls for infinite good luck for your cat! The peanut cat toy will make a sound to attract cats to catch and play with it, while the red packet cat toy contains catnip to capture your fur kids' attention! The elastic telescopic fishing rod can be freely adjusted according to actual needs, and the streamlined EVA foam handle is ergonomic and brings comfort to the hand!

1. Due to manual measurement deviation, the size is for reference only.
2. Do not pull hard on the retractable rod to avoid the top of the rod can not be retracted.

Product Specifications
Size: 980 x 110mm
Material: Crystal velvet, felt, polyethylene plastic