zeze Persimmon Lucky Cat Scratching Post (Lunar New Year Limited Edition)


Lunar New Year Collection

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zeze's Lunar New Year Limited Persimmon Lucky Cat Scratching Post is a fun cat tree with full-bodied little persimmons that bounces up and down to give your cat the joy of a fruitful harvest! Combining claw sharpening and play functions, it saves space and gives your cat an enjoyable playing experience! The wide base provides stable support and the high quality natural sisal is used to suspend the cute persimmon bobble to stimulate your cat's playful nature!


1. Keep it dry, and do not place it in a humid environment.

2. This cat scratching post is a consumable product and should be replaced after a period of time.

3. Clean the floating hair on the surface daily and keep clean and dry.

Product Specifications

Size: 350 x 350 x 440 mm

Material: Crystal super soft fabric, jute rope