POOZPET Valentine's Day Ring Set Chew Toy for Cats and Dogs



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POOZPET Valentine's Day Ring Set Chew Toy allows cats and dogs to sniff and find snacks or dry food hidden in the ring box to relieve pet separation anxiety, expend energy and train their sense of smell. 10 minutes of play consumes as much energy as an hour of outdoor walking! The ring box is soft and flexible, and contains a hidden mechanism to hide snacks inside so you can play sniffing games with your cat or dog; the heart-shaped diamond ring-shaped plush toy can stimulate the curiosity of cats and dogs! The bow tie on the ring box also contains plasticine, which makes a sound to attract attention, and can also be pulled out to play with your furry kids!

Product Specifications

Size: 130 mm x 130 mm x 160 mm

Weight: 85 g

Material: Super soft velvet

Washing: Washable, machine washable, do not tumble dry