zeze Coconut Cat Scratching Ball



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zeze Coconut Cat Scratching Ball allows cats to enjoy the sun and the beach without leaving home! The unique coconut design is fun and vivid and fits into the home. The coconut ball is made of thick hemp rope, which is strong and durable, does not stick, does not fall off, and is the favorite of cats to sharpen their claws. Thicker base forms a stable structure. The straw is attached with a cat teaser boy, strongly attracting your cat's attention!

Product Specifications

Size: 21 cm x 21 cm x 26 cm

Weight:1.23 kg

Material: Man-made board, jute rope


  1. Please keep the product dry, and do not place in a humid environment.
  2. Daily use vacuum cleaner to clean the surface hair, or use a wet towel to wipe the surface stains.
  3. This product is a consumable, and needs to be replaced after a period of use.