zeze Coconut Tree Cat Scratching Post



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zeze Coconut Tree Cat Scratching Post brings the calmness and inspiration of nature into the living room, awakening the original wildness of cats. It is made of high quality wool felt, thick and soft, with a wide shape. The unique design of coconut tree is fun and vivid, with a strong jute coconut ball, containing a rattling stone to attract your cat's attention! Thick natural jute rope is used to wrap around the rope, strong and durable, not tangled, so that cats can play with much more fun and safety!

1. Keep it dry, and do not place in humid environment.
2. This cat scratching post is a consumable product and should be replaced after a period of time.
3. Clean the surface daily to keep it clean and dry.

Product Specifications
Size: 390 x 90 x 770mm
Material: Wool felt, jute rope, paper tube, cardboard