zeze Cow Cat Scratcher & Cat Tree



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zeze Cow Cat Scratcher & Cat Tree makes it possible for your feline friends to play with cows without leaving home! The cow-shaped design is super fun. Thicker hemp rope is used to wrap around the cat scratching post, making it sturdy and resistant to gripping and not sticking. It is definitely cats' favorite to sharpen their claws! With thicker base and solid structure, it will be a durable cat scratcher and cat tree for your cats!

Product Specifications

Size: 86 cm x 50 cm x 35 cm

Weight:4.8 kg

Material: Rabbit fur, polyester, artificial board, jute rope


  1. Keep the product dry and please do not place in a humid environment.
  2. Use vacuum cleaner to clean the hair on the surface on a regular basis, or use a wet towel to lightly wipe the stains on the surface.
  3. This product is a consumable product, and needs to be replaced after a period of time.