zeze Snow Mountain Pet Waterer for Cats and Dogs



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Enhance the drinking vibes for your pets with zeze Snow Mountain Pet Waterer! The simple and white snowy mountain water bowl gives every bite of water a refreshing and sweet expectation. According to "Pascal's principle" and "siphon effect", it uses the law of liquid transfer pressure to ensure the water level balance and automatically replenish water, reducing the trouble of frequent water refilling. The 1100ml large capacity can be sufficient for 3-5 days of drinking water for a single cat. The unidirectional water outlet channel blocks dust and hair from entering the waterer, allowing the cat to drink fresh and clean water with every bite.


1. This product is not resistant to high temperature, so please do not use hot water to scald.

2. Please avoid direct sunlight exposure.

3. Wash it regularly to ensure the hygiene of your pet's diet.

Installation Steps

STEP1. Unscrew the bottom water locking cap

STEP2. Fill the bottle with drinking water and tighten the cap

STEP3. Push the base into the slot

STEP4. Wait for the water to flow out

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Length 310 x Width 160 x Height 330 mm

Material: Polystyrene plastic, polypropylene plastic, polyester plastic