zeze Sunflower Pet Grooming Slicker Brush for Cats and Dogs



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A large amount of dust will accumulate in your pet's coat, and daily grooming can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria. zeze Sunflower Pet Grooming Slicker Brush is applicable to both dogs and cats, seamlessly designed for the hair combing habits of pets, to bring SPA-level comfort and care for the pet's hair. Convenient push plate and non-slip rubber handle gives the pooper scooper a relaxing and pleasant combing experience.


1. Combing procedure: start from neck to shoulder, then back, chest, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, then head, finally limbs and tail, comb one side then the other.

2. Combing tips: When combing a long-haired dog, comb one layer at a time, i.e., turn the long hair up and comb the undercoat.


1. This product is for pet coat care only.

2. Avoid contact with liquids such as gasoline, thinner, alcohol, etc.

3. Clean the teeth of the comb after use and store it properly.

Product Specifications

Size: 195 x 84 x 66 mm

Material: Stainless steel needle, ABS plastic, high-density polyethylene

Applicable to: Dogs and cats