About Petionship

Established in 2020, Petionship Pet Supplies Wholesale Platform aims to provide a one-stop platform for all pet shops, merchants and retailers around the world to purchase pet supplies for their businesses. Our product categories include pet food, pet treats, pet toys, pet clothing & accessories, pet beds & mattresses, pet bowls & feeders, just to name a few. We wish to meet each and every of your purchasing requirements for your pet businesses.

Petionship has a professional and experienced sourcing team to select quality pet products from around the world, providing an all-in-one convenient, efficient and hassle-free sourcing platform for your pet shop to easily fill up your inventory and meet your customers’ needs!

Philosophy and Vision

Connect Pet Businesses

Petionship Pet Supplies Wholesale Platform hopes to provide you with the best quality pet supplies from around the world through data analysis and the most dedicated customer service, which solve all the problems you encounter in sourcing and procurement, store operations and customer relationship management in your pet shops, online stores and retail businesses.

Partnered Brands

As of March 2022, Petionship has been authorized to distribute more than 40 premium global pet product brands, and the number is growing rapidly. Petionship insists on bringing in high-quality and cost-effective brands and products with a professional pet supplies procurement team, reducing the number of middlemen and constantly expanding the categories of pet products, providing the most comprehensive sourcing information and channels for your pet businesses.

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