Fukufuku Japanese Entry Lux Style Oval Dog Bed

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Fukufuku Japanese Entry Lux Style Oval Dog Bed is a customized pet bed for cats and dogs! The edge can be used as a chin pillow to improve sleep quality. Made of cotton memory cloth with spill-resistant coating, the pet bed can constantly be kept clean! Double-sided liner design with dot-molded anti-slip fabric at the bottom increase stability and make it anti-slip! High quality PP cotton filling makes the pet bed fluffy and not easy to collapse as well!

Product Specifications

Color: Navy Blue, Ginger Yellow, Sakura Pink

Size: Outer diameter 600 mm, height 450 mm

Material: Full polyester surface, PP cotton filling, bottom plastic anti-slip cloth

Applicable to: Dogs and Cats within 25 pounds

Machine washable, wash water temperature below 40°C, no bleaching, no ironing, no drying