Fukufuku Memory Fabric Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs

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Fukufuku Memory Fabric Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs is a custom-made travel bag for cats and dogs! Made of waterproof memory cloth, filled with PP cotton, it is warm and comfortable, not easily deformed! It is easy to adjust and install with the buckle design. Safety locking buckle, strong and durable, protects the safety of the pets. Elastic drawstring can be adjusted according to the pet's body type. With lightweight design, the pet carrier can be hand-carried or carried on the back! Both sides have small pockets, which can store pet snacks, pet toys, etc., so that pets travel is happier and safer!

Product Specifications

Size: 400 mm x 350 mm x 330 mm


Surface: waterproof memory cloth
Inner core: PP cotton

Color: Pink, Yellow

Applicable to: Cats and small and medium-sized dogs within 20 pounds

Washable in warm water, no bleaching, no drying, no ironing