Fukufuku Navy Style Detachable Dog Bed

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Fukufuku Navy Style Detachable Dog Bed is a custom-made pet bed for dogs! Made of super soft fabric, it is warm and comfortable, not easily deformed! Small pillow design protects your dog's cervical vertebrae. Sponge filling helps to protect your pup's joints and relieve pressure. Bottom dotted plastic anti-slip material makes it wear-resistant and durable as well! Cute navy style design adds home fun while giving dogs a greater sense of security!

Product Specifications

Size: 900 mm x 680 mm x 150 mm

Material: Super soft fabric (96% polyester + 4% spandex) on the surface, 100% polyurethane on the inside, and non-slip fabric on the bottom.

Color: Earthy yellow

Washable in warm water, no bleach, no dry cleaning, no drying, no ironing