Kashima Suzuka Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs


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Kashima Suzuka Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs will make the pet travel more comfortable and safe! It can be fixed in the luggage, convenient for travel! There are a variety of ways to use: it can be crossbody, hand-carried or shoulder-carried. The inner liner is padded, making it more comfortable for dogs and cats to travel! The side pockets can be used to store the cups, snacks, diapers, toys and other pet supplies! The top of the carrier has a locking buckle to expand the space; and there are high-quality metal studs on the bottom, safe and non-slip! Built-in safety buckle ensures the safety of pet travel! The surface is made of high quality PU leather, which is scratch and wear resistant and provides an ultra-comfortable experience!

Product Specifications

Color: Field Green, Cherry Pink, Haze Blue

Size: 460 mm x 210 mm x 300 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Material: PU leather + nylon

Applicable to: Cats and small dogs within 4 to 8 kg