PAWZCITY Pet Bandana for Cats and Dogs


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PAWZCITY Pet Bandana for Cats and Dogs instantly transforms your cat and dog into a trendy urban cat and dog! There are four colors to choose, representing the four seasons in a year, making your furry friend shine!

Product Specifications


Cyan (Spring Picnic)
Pink (Summer Profusion)
Ginger Yellow (Autumn Harvest)
Royal Blue (Winter Sky)


S: 26 - 32 cm
M: 33 - 40 cm
L: 42 - 53 cm

Suitable for:

S: Cats and puppies
M: Small and medium sized dogs
L: Medium and large sized dogs


  1. This bandana cannot be used in place of a collar.
  2. This bandana is washable.
  3. Avoid exposure to the sun.
  4. Do not use non-neutral cleaning agents to avoid corrosion and color loss.