PeeFree Street Cleaner - Effervescent Tablets (10s)


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Keep Your Neighborhood Fresh! Being a responsible pet owner doesn't stop at home.

PeeFree's Mission

We’re cleaning up the streets of our cities and need your help. Daily pee stops in our neighborhoods are a necessity but leaving them to smell is not!

Pets and Planet First

PeeFree is the first pet and planet friendly cleaner designed for use outdoors. It helps break down urine faster and neutralize the smell so we can all enjoy cleaner streets.

  1. Cleans and removes odours
  2. Pet and planet friendly
  3. Suitable for use outdoors

Everyday Convenience

Dissolve one tablet in water to make 500ml to 1 liter of cleaning solution. Bring on your walk and use to rinse dog pee and faecal remains. (10 tablets in each tube)

Join the Movement

Let’s keep our neighborhoods cleaner together. Get in touch to try samples, stock our products or ask questions.

Order Information

The minimum order quantity for PeeFree Street Cleaner Tablets is 1 case of 24 tubes. For every 3 tubes of PeeFree Street Cleaner Tablets ordered, you can buy 1 PeeFree Street Cleaner Water Bottle at half price (i.e. you can buy 8 PeeFree Street Cleaner Water Bottles at half price for every 1 trade case ordered, aka our PeeFree Street Cleaner Tablets & Water Bottle Bundle). We will include a product display stand (each display stand can hold 12 tubes), which can be placed at the cashier's desk of your pet store as a showcase.



Can I dilute it further to make more liquid?

You can make a diluted solution using half a tablet or larger quantity of water. The cleaner will still have an effect but not as much as the concentrated solution.

How long will it last in solution?

It will last up to a year once diluted, if the bottle has not been used for some time, please shake before use.

Is the solution safe for my dog to drink?

No! It may be harmful if ingested. Do not allow your pets or dogs to drink the solution. In the event your dog accidently ingests the solution, take them to a vet immediately.

My bottle leaks?

The foaming nature of the cleaner may cause some bottles to leak slightly, this is normal.