SweetSugar Ceramic Stone Small Pet Hideout for Hamsters


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SweetSugar Ceramic Stone Hideout for Hamsters is sure to be a hamster favorite! Hamsters can sharpen their claws with it and hide inside the house, so much fun! It is made of high-quality ceramic, and suitable for dwarf hamsters, golden hamsters, and hamsters of all ages and sizes!

Product Specifications

Style: For Dwarf Hamsters, For Golden Hamsters

For Dwarf Hamsters: 140 mm x 110 mm x 80 mm
For Golden Hamsters: 180 mm x 140 mm x 100 mm

Hole Size:
For Dwarf Hamsters: 55 mm
For Golden Hamsters: 70 mm

For Dwarf Hamsters: 350 g
For Golden Hamsters: 900 g

Material: Ceramic
Suitable for: All-age hamsters