SweetSugar Small Pet Beech Chew Toy for Hamsters


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SweetSugar Hamster Beech Toy is made of environmentally friendly solid wood, enriching the scenery and enhancing playing interaction, and will certainly be your hamster's favorite! Four different styles plus the beech toy combo, will indulge your hamster into immersive fun! It is suitable for dwarf hamsters, golden hamsters, and hamsters of all ages and sizes to play with!

Product Specifications

Style: Pinecone, Pine Tree, Mushroom (S), Mushroom (L), Beech Toy Combo

Pinecone: 26 mm x 35 mm (6 pieces)
Pine tree: 56 mm x 35 mm (3 pieces)
Mushroom (S): 25 mm x 30 mm (6 pieces)
Mushroom (L): 35 mm x 35 mm (3 pieces)
Beech Toy Combo: Pinecone x 3, Pine Tree x 2, Mushroom (S) x 2, Mushroom (L) x 2

Material: High-quality beech wood
Suitable for: All-age hamsters