SweetSugar Three-cabin Small Pet Hideout for Hamsters


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SweetSugar Three-cabin Hideout for Hamsters will definitely be your hamster's favorite! They can both play and hide in the house, and the use of environmentally friendly solid wood ensures hamsters to play with fun and safety. The three-bedroom layout makes the hideout more spacious, and it is the hamster's favorite cozy house! Dwarf hamsters, golden hamsters, hamsters of all ages and sizes can enjoy themselves!

Product Specifications

Style: For Dwarf Hamsters, For Golden Hamsters

For Dwarf Hamsters: 215 mm x 170 mm x 80 mm for dwarf hamsters
For Golden Hamsters: 290 mm x 230 mm x 110 mm

Hole Size:
For Dwarf Hamsters: 60 mm
For Golden Hamsters: 70 mm

Material: Birch board
Suitable for: All-age hamsters