Tuff Hound Cooling Overhead Dog Harness (Green)

Tuff Hound

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Tuff Hound Cooling Overhead Dog Harness is the first choice for dogs to cool off in summer! Three layers of cool fabric, the outer layer reflects the sunlight and carries away the heat, the middle water layer can be wetted and wrung out to carry away the heat! The inner layer is the cooling layer, which can fully convey the moisture to the dog's skin! Comfortable wrap-around design and nine-quarter mesh will make your dog more comfortable. Reflective strip on the back enables safer travel at night as well!

Product Specifications


S: Neck 41 cm, Chest 42-52 cm, Back length 33 cm
M: Neck 48 cm, Chest 52-64 cm, Back length 43 cm
L: Neck 55 cm, Chest 62-75 cm, Back length 50 cm
XL: Neck 63 cm, Chest 72-102 cm, Back length 57 cm

Material: Cool feeling fabric