zeze Adjustable Fishing Rod Cat Teaser Toy


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zeze Adjustable & Retractable Fishing Rod Cat Teaser Toy with catnip inside is a great way to release your cat's playful nature while satisfying your pleasure of "cat fishing" with the rod. The three-section retractable fiberglass rod is fully elastic and does not break easily when shaken vigorously, allowing the fish toy to move easily. With a 150cm range of extension, you can also play with your cat while lying on the sofa. A set of three fish can be used as a replacement or as a toy for cats to play with.


1. Due to deviations in manual measurement, the size is for reference only.

2. Do not pull on the retractable rod to prevent the top prt of the rod from being retracted.

Product Specifications

Size: 380 - 1000mm (rod length, not including fishing lines)

Material: Glass fiber, EVA foam handle, fishing line, PP cotton