zeze Bulrush Pet Summer Mat for Cats and Dogs


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Zeze Bulrush Pet Summer Mat for Cats and Dogs is designed to provide a warm and inviting Japanese style home atmosphere. It is cool and comfortable for your pet to sleep in the summer. The pure natural bulrush has a sponge-like core and is dense, flexible and soft to give your pet a different kind of comfort.


1. Wipe the surface of the mat regularly with a damp and wrung-out cloth to keep it clean.

2. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time to prevent the mat surface from fading and drying.

3. Avoid being close to fire source to prevent deformation and bending.

4. Do not store in a humid and high temperature environment to prevent mildew.

Product Specifications

Round size: 395 x 380mm

Square size: 400 x 395mm

Material: Bulrush, foamed polypropylene