zeze Cat Teaser Toy with Catnips - Garden


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The Garden Series of Zeze Cat Teaser Toy with Catnips can transform your cat into the cutest gardener! Made of high-quality pearl velvet cotton material, it is featured with soft touch, delicate texture and no pilling. The high-quality PP cotton filled inside is soft and fluffy, making the toy hard to deform. There is a side zipper which you can use to replace the catnip inside the toy. It is both water and machine washable so we can always keep it clean for our cats!

Product specifications
Material: Corduroy, PP cotton, catnip
Size: 310 x 200mm (Flower), 310 x 195mm (Cotton Flower), 310 x 190mm (Tulip), 325 x 150mm (Gardening Fork), 330 x 160mm (Gardening Shovel)
Applicable to: Cats over 4 months