zeze Chicken Cat Teaser Toy


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zeze Chicken Cat Teaser Toy is a fun and playful cat teaser! Made of high quality polyester, wrapped with PV fleece on the surface and filled with high quality PP cotton inside, the cat teaser full and elastic! Natural dyes are safe and non-irritating, with the long & thin chicken containing rattling paper and the ball-shaped chicken containing catnip to attract your cat's attention! Durable solid wood handle is also ergonomic and comfortable to hold!

Product Specifications

Style: Long & Thin, Ball-shaped


Long & Thin: 84 cm x 10 cm

Ball-shaped: 42 cm x 10 cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Material: polyester fiber, felt, solid wood


  1. Due to some deviations in manual measurement, the size is for reference only.
  2. Cats with anorexia are recommended to play in the company of cat owners.