zeze Colorful Thermal Vest for Cats and Dogs


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zeze Colorful Thermal Vest for Cats and Dogs is a winter pet fashion outfit! Selected high-grade fabrics and classic high collar vest design makes it super comfortable to wear. Full of polyester filling, it is fluffy and soft with long-lasting warmth! With exquisite cotton hemming design and fine stitching, it is also tough, wear-resistant, delicate and textured!

1. It is recommended to use detergent with warm water to wash the vest.
2. Wash the vest regularly to reduce the growth of bacteria.
3. Dry naturally in a cool and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Product Specifications

S: Suitable for 2-4kg pets
M: Suitable for 4-8kg pets
L:Suitable for 8-10kg pets

Material: Polyester
Applicable to: Cats, small dogs