zeze Felted Wool Cat Toy - Solar System Planets


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Explore the endless universe with your cat's paws and bring the magical nine planets within reach! Made of pure wool, zeze Felted Wool Cat Toy is soft and playable with a sufficient amount of catnip to satisfy your cat's curiosity. The solid ball made of natural wool generates no noise when playing, just like the "cosmic" silence, to avoid making noise to families and neighbors.


1. Dimensions are manually measured and may vary slightly from the actual product. The product shall prevail in kind.

2. Cats with allotriophagy are recommended to play in the company of their owners.

Product Specifications

Style 1: 65mm (Sun), 50mm (Neptune), 30mm (Mercury)

Style 2: 60mm (Jupiter), 45mm (Earth), 35mm (Mars)

Style 3: 65mm (Saturn), 45mm (Uranus), 40mm (Venus)

Material: Wool, catnip