zeze Galaxy Wonderland Cat Scratcher & Cat Tree


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zeze Galaxy Wonderland Cat Scratcher & Cat Tree resembles the infinite mysterious universe and the rocket that travels through the universe, allowing cats to feel the wonders of the unknown! Combining hammock, claw sharpening and cat teasing into one, it saves space in the home and enriches the cat's playing experience! High quality carpet fabric keeps your cat warm and comfortable at the same time. Natural sisal is selected so it is scratch-resistant and safe for cats' nails. Wide and thickened base supports the upper column to enhance the overall stability and safety of your cats.

1. Clean the surface daily to keep it clean and dry.
2. Can accommodate 2-3 adult cats at the same time.

Product Specifications
Size: 540 x 540 x 830mm
Material: Carpet cloth, sisal, multi-layer board