zeze Hair Felt Cat Tunnel for Peek and Play


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zeze Hair Felt Cat Tunnel is a playful space for cats! Both a tunnel and a cat bed, it is powerfully multi-purpose . The double-layer padded mat naturally conforms to your cat's sleeping position and gently indulges your cat into a sweet dream. The wide variety of shapes and ways to play stimulate your cat's curiosity and desire to explore. The high quality wool felt is thick and soft, with a wide shape. The cat tunnel is divided into holes of different sizes to add fun! Resin buttons on both ends of the cat tunnel can conveniently fold the tunnel itself to save space.

1. Keep the cat tunnel away from open flame.
2. Regularly clean the mat to effectively reduce the growth of bacteria.

Product Specifications
Size: 220 x 920 mm
Material: Wool felt, POM