zeze Houndstooth Pet Bandana for Cats and Dogs


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The classic retro houndstooth pattern is incorporated into the design of zeze Houndstooth Pet Bandana for Cats and Dogs, which fits the pet's body shape and makes it more comfortable to wear. The overall fabric is made of high-quality imitation cashmere, with a delicate texture, smooth and soft feel, and strong warmth. It undergoes high-density knitting process with high flexibility and elasticity, and it will not be deformed even after strong pulling. The bandana size can be freely adjusted according to the pet's neck circumference. There is also a model for human use, sharing the charm of parent-pet clothing.


1. Hand wash gently with detergent at about 30℃.

2. Wash regularly to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Product specifications

S: 230 x 340mm (for cats and small dogs over 3 months old)

M: 280 x 420mm (for human use)