zeze Kumquat Cat Bed (Lunar New Year Edition)


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zeze Lunar New Year Limited Kumquat Cat Bed selects high-quality crystal velvet fabric and soft PP cotton for a warm and comfortable experience for cats! It is hard to pilling and with detachable design, it is also easy to change and wash. The interior is filled with full polypropylene fiber cotton. The three-dimensional shape is thick and not easily deformed. The bottom is equipped with anti-slip drip adhesive beads, which are resistant to dirt and wear!

1. Hand wash gently in 30°C water with household detergent, and do not tumble dry.
2. Lay flat in a ventilated area to dry.

Product Specifications

S: 420 x 420 x 310mm
L:500 x 500 x 350mm
Material: Crystal velvet, PP cotton