zeze Life Buoy Elizabethan Collar for Cats


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zeze Life Buoy Elizabethan Collar protects the health of cats and kittens! The material is lightweight and comfortable, so your cat can wear it without burden. Stretchable and adjustable, it is easy to wear. The waterproof surface material makes it easy to clean as well! With selected high-quality PP cotton filling, the Elizabethan Collar is soft and flexible. The delicate embroidery and stitching ensure its quality and style!

1.It is recommended to choose the collar size according to the actual neck circumference of the cat, and to choose one size up for post-neuter cats.
2. Hand wash in 30°C water or below; do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry.

Product Specifications

XS: Outer diameter 22cm, inner diameter 10-20cm
S: Outer diameter 26cm, inner diameter 14-24cm
M: Outer diameter 32cm, inner diameter 18-30cm
L: Outer diameter 36cm, inner diameter 25-40cm

Material: Twill, PP cotton