zeze Moon Cat Scratching Post


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Fetch the moon for your fur kids! Zeze Moon Cat Scratching Post is highlighted with the star and moon shapes, with great functionality and endless fun! The double-color thick jute wrapping around the post makes the cat addicted to sharpening its paws here. The star toy can swing back and forth, with the strongly elastic and hard-to-break rope, can quickly arouse your cat's curiosity. There is a wide base to support the scratching post so it is not easy to bring down when being played with by your feline friend.


1. Keep dry and please do not place in a humid environment.

2. This is a consumable product and needs to be replaced after a period of usage.

3. Clean the floating hair on the surface on a daily basis.

Product Specifications

Size: 390 x 240 x 550mm

Material: Pearl velvet, jute rope, PP cotton, cardboard