zeze Pet Cooling Mat/Bed for Cats and Dogs


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zeze Pet Cooling Mat/Bed for Cats and Dogs can solve the problem of summer heat for pets. Simple terrazzo elements and modern geometric abstract pattern make it an excellent decoration to your home. Filled with ice gel for a comfortable cooling experience, and the waterproof and stain-resistant PVC branch surface, the product is easy to clean and resistant to scratching.

Q & A

Q: Is the cooling mat resistant to scratching and biting?

A: The outside of the mat is made of thickened PVC material, which is sturdy and wear-resistant, but if your pet's nails are too sharp or if your pet likes to tear things, you need to regularly trim your pet's nails and divert attention with other chewing toys or snacks!

Q: Is the cooling mat really cool? Will it get hot after being slept on for a long time?

A: The ice gel filled inside is based on the principle resembling that of a children's cooling paste, which brings a natural coolness.

Q:Will my pet like it?

A: Pets have different personalities and adaptation times to new things. If your pet is unfamiliar with the cooling mat, you can place it in the bed or cage your pet uses every day, or put a piece of your clothes on it to familiarize your pet with the smell.


1. This product can be washed in water or with neutral detergent, and please avoid using corrosive cleaning products.

2. Do not tumble dry. Please dry it in natural air and avoid direct exposure to the sun.

3. The cooling gel inside the product is not obviously toxic, and to ensure safety, if the gel is leaked, please clean it up immediately. If it is accidentally eaten by pets or children, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Product Specifications

Size: 380 x 380mm (Cooling Mat), 550 x 550mm (Cooling Bed)

Material: Polyester fiber, PVC, polymer cooling gel, PP cotton