zeze Pine Tree Cat Scratching Post


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The fairy-tale zeze Pine Tree Cat Scratching Post brings the calmness and inspiration of nature into the living room and awakens the original wildness of cats and kittens. The cat scratching post is made of soft and sturdy two-color jute rope, which is aesthetically pleasing and convenient for cats to sharpen their claws and play. The hanging sisal ball contains a rattling stone, which makes a rattling sound when shaken, making it extra fun for cats to play with while sharpening claws.


1. Keep dry and do not place in humid environment.

2. This product is consumable, so it needs to be replaced after a period of usage.

3. Clean floating fur on the surface daily to keep clean and dry.

Product Specifications

Size: 350 x 350 x 700mm

Material: Corduroy, jute rope, polyethylene fiber