zeze Pinecone Cat Teaser Toy Trio with Catnips


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zeze Pinecone Cat Teaser Toy Trio with Catnips culminate a blend of catnip and silvervine to give off your cat's favorite scent! The compressed catnip cream is pressed at high temperature to diffuse a long-lasting catnip scent. Forest color scheme with cotton linen and flannel patchwork, the cat teaser toy is beautiful and comfortable. There are three pieces in a set, so it can be used for multiple cats to play.


1. Please use with caution for kittens under 2 months and pregnant cats.

2. Abnormal excitement, sneezing, and drooling are normal reactions for cats when playing with catnips so please rest assured.

Product Specifications

Size: 60 x 110 x 40mm

Material: Catnip, silvervine, PP cotton