zeze Snake Cat Teaser Toy


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Zeze Snake Cat Teaser Toy is available in two styles with the funny rattlesnake shape! The rattlesnake cat teaser makes a sound with a gentle shake, quickly catching your cat's attention! The flexible rubber rod is sturdy and will not bend, and can be quickly restored to its original state after a strong swing. The snake body is 140 cm long so you can play with your cat even when lying on the sofa! Another elastic spiral model is available for your cat's self-entertainment, freeing up your hands and time.


1. The size of the product is manually measured and there may be a slight error with the actual product. The product shall prevail in kind.

2. Cats with allotriophagy are recommended to play in the company of their owner.

3. Clean the toy regularly to maintain hygiene.

Product Specifications

Size: 1400 x 60mm

Material: Rubber, PV fleece