zeze Solid Wood Cat Window Perch with Suction Cups


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Zeze Solid Wood Cat Window Perch with Suction Cups uses light acacia wood throughout the body anda brings warm solid wood touch, with fresh twill fabric, rendering quiet and relaxing vibes. The thickened transparent suction cups have been tested for load-bearing with strong adsorption force, and can withstand about 45 pounds of weight, bringing steady happiness to cats. The cat window perch is fixed with strong velcro, easy to disassemble and convenient for daily cleaning.


1. This product is suitable for cats weighing up to 34 lbs.

2. Clean the surface before use and keep the wall dry and hygienic.

3. If the suction cups are dirty or hardened, you can soak them in hot water and use them again afterwards.

Product Specifications

Size: 580 x 400 x 510 mm

Material: Twill fabric, acacia wood, polyester fiber